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Hong Kong28 °CScattered clouds.Thu 09:01:56
New York6 °CLight rain. Fog.Wed 21:01:56
London9 °CLight rain. Low clouds.Thu 02:01:56
Tokyo14 °CLight rain. Partly sunny.Thu 10:01:56

Local Time and Weather Around the World

AccraThu 01:01Clear. Warm.28 °CEdmonton *Wed 19:01Passing clouds. Cool.10 °CNassau *Wed 21:01Passing clouds. Warm.25 °C
Addis AbabaThu 04:01Fog. Cool.15 °CFrankfurt *Thu 03:01Clear. Cool.10 °CNew DelhiThu 06:31Haze. Mild.21 °C
Adelaide *Thu 11:31Refreshingly cool.18 °CGuatemala CityWed 19:01Scattered clouds. Mild.22 °CNew Orleans *Wed 20:01Sunny. Mild.22 °C
AlgiersThu 02:01Clear. Mild.17 °CHalifax *Wed 22:01Passing clouds. Chilly.-1 °CNew York *Wed 21:01Light rain. Fog. Quite cool.6 °C
AlmatyThu 06:01Scattered clouds. Chilly.4 °CHanoiThu 08:01Fog. Warm.26 °COslo *Thu 03:01Chilly.-2 °C
AmmanThu 04:01Clear. Mild.18 °CHarareThu 03:01Overcast. Mild.25 °COttawa *Wed 21:01Light snow. Low clouds. Chilly.0 °C
Amsterdam *Thu 03:01Passing clouds. Cool.10 °CHavana *Wed 21:01Passing clouds. Warm.27 °CParis *Thu 03:01Overcast. Cool.13 °C
AnadyrThu 13:01Snow flurries. Overcast. Cold.-12 °CHelsinki *Thu 04:01Passing clouds. Cold.-5 °CPerthThu 09:01Sunny. Mild.20 °C
Anchorage *Wed 17:01Overcast. Chilly.-1 °CHong KongThu 09:01Scattered clouds. Warm.28 °CPhiladelphia *Wed 21:01Low clouds. Cool.7 °C
AnkaraThu 04:01Clear. Cool.11 °CHonoluluWed 15:01Scattered clouds. Warm.28 °CPhoenixWed 18:01Sunny. Pleasantly warm.28 °C
AntananarivoThu 04:01Passing clouds. Mild.18 °CHouston *Wed 20:01Sunny. Mild.24 °CPrague *Thu 03:01Passing clouds. Cool.8 °C
AsuncionWed 21:01Clear. Hot.32 °CIndianapolis *Wed 21:01Light rain. Overcast. Chilly.3 °CReykjavikThu 01:01Ice fog. Chilly.0 °C
Athens *Thu 04:01Cool.15 °CIslamabadThu 06:01Haze. Cool.16 °CRio de JaneiroWed 22:01Passing clouds. Warm.25 °C
Atlanta *Wed 21:01Partly sunny. Refreshingly cool.14 °CIstanbulThu 04:01Clear. Refreshingly cool.14 °CRiyadhThu 04:01Clear. Mild.17 °C
Auckland *Thu 14:01Overcast. Mild.22 °CJakartaThu 08:01Partly sunny. Warm.27 °CRome *Thu 03:01Clear. Cool.11 °C
BaghdadThu 04:01Clear. Mild.21 °CJerusalem *Thu 04:01Cool.15 °CSalt Lake City *Wed 19:01Scattered clouds. Mild.21 °C
BangkokThu 08:01Passing clouds. Warm.30 °CJohannesburgThu 03:01Sprinkles. Overcast. Cool.15 °CSan Francisco *Wed 18:01Partly sunny. Cool.13 °C
Barcelona *Thu 03:01Clear. Cool.13 °CKarachiThu 06:01Clear. Mild.24 °CSan JuanWed 21:01Clear. Warm.27 °C
BeijingThu 09:01Cool.10 °CKathmanduThu 06:46Fog. Cool.14 °CSan SalvadorWed 19:01Passing clouds. Warm.29 °C
Beirut *Thu 04:01Fog. Mild.19 °CKingstonWed 20:01Haze. Warm.29 °CSantiago *Wed 22:01Passing clouds. Mild.17 °C
Belgrade *Thu 03:01Refreshingly cool.16 °CKinshasaThu 02:01Thunderstorms. Passing clouds. Warm.27 °CSanto DomingoWed 21:01Passing clouds. Warm.27 °C
BengaluruThu 06:31Clear. Warm.25 °CKiritimatiThu 15:01Partly sunny. Warm.31 °CSão PauloWed 22:01Passing clouds. Mild.20 °C
Berlin *Thu 03:01Passing clouds. Cool.10 °CKolkataThu 06:31Passing clouds. Warm.28 °CSeattle *Wed 18:01Passing clouds. Cool.11 °C
BogotaWed 20:01Passing clouds. Cool.14 °CKuala LumpurThu 09:01Passing clouds. Warm.28 °CSeoulThu 10:01Broken clouds. Refreshingly cool.15 °C
Boston *Wed 21:01Light rain. Fog. Chilly.4 °CKuwait CityThu 04:01Clear. Mild.18 °CShanghaiThu 09:01Sunny. Refreshingly cool.14 °C
BrasiliaWed 22:01Partly cloudy. Mild.22 °CKyiv *Thu 04:01Passing clouds. Cool.12 °CSingaporeThu 09:01Partly sunny. Warm.28 °C
BrisbaneThu 11:01Mild.23 °CLa PazWed 21:01Passing clouds. Cool.8 °CSofia *Thu 04:01Passing clouds. Cool.10 °C
Brussels *Thu 03:01Light rain. Passing clouds. Cool.10 °CLagosThu 02:01Passing clouds. Warm.28 °CSt. John's *Wed 22:31Light snow. Ice fog. Chilly.0 °C
Bucharest *Thu 04:01Clear. Refreshingly cool.13 °CLahoreThu 06:01Passing clouds. Mild.20 °CStockholm *Thu 03:01Passing clouds. Cold.-5 °C
Budapest *Thu 03:01Light rain. Clear. Cool.11 °CLas Vegas *Wed 18:01Passing clouds. Pleasantly warm.26 °CSuvaThu 13:01Partly sunny. Warm.30 °C
Buenos AiresWed 22:01Passing clouds. Mild.19 °CLimaWed 20:01Passing clouds. Mild.24 °CSydney *Thu 12:01Sprinkles. Broken clouds. Mild.20 °C
CairoThu 03:01Clear. Mild.20 °CLisbon *Thu 02:01Partly cloudy. Cool.14 °CTaipeiThu 09:01Partly sunny. Warm.28 °C
Calgary *Wed 19:01Overcast. Quite cool.5 °CLondon *Thu 02:01Light rain. Low clouds. Cool.9 °CTallinn *Thu 04:01Overcast. Chilly.-2 °C
Canberra *Thu 12:01More clouds than sun. Mild.19 °CLos Angeles *Wed 18:01Sunny. Mild.21 °CTashkentThu 06:01Fog. Cool.8 °C
Cape TownThu 03:01Clear. Cool.16 °CMadrid *Thu 03:01Clear. Quite cool.6 °CTegucigalpaWed 19:01Passing clouds. Warm.26 °C
CaracasWed 21:01Partly cloudy. Hot.32 °CManaguaWed 19:01Passing clouds. Hot.33 °CTehranThu 04:31Clear. Refreshingly cool.14 °C
CasablancaThu 01:01Sunny. Mild.19 °CManilaThu 09:01Passing clouds. Mild.24 °CTokyoThu 10:01Light rain. Partly sunny. Cool.14 °C
Chicago *Wed 20:01Light rain. Fog. Chilly.3 °CMelbourne *Thu 12:01Scattered clouds. Mild.17 °CToronto *Wed 21:01Light rain. Fog. Chilly.3 °C
Copenhagen *Thu 03:01Drizzle. Overcast. Chilly.3 °CMexico CityWed 19:01Scattered clouds. Pleasantly warm.26 °CVancouver *Wed 18:01Partly sunny. Cool.9 °C
Dallas *Wed 20:01Sunny. Mild.21 °CMiami *Wed 21:01Passing clouds. Warm.29 °CVienna *Thu 03:01Clear. Cool.12 °C
DarwinThu 10:31Scattered clouds. Warm.29 °CMinneapolis *Wed 20:01Partly sunny. Cool.8 °CWarsaw *Thu 03:01Clear. Chilly.1 °C
Denver *Wed 19:01Partly sunny. Mild.18 °CMinskThu 04:01Light rain. Passing clouds. Chilly.0 °CWashington DC *Wed 21:01Mostly cloudy. Cool.11 °C
Detroit *Wed 21:01Overcast. Cool.8 °CMontevideoWed 22:01Clear. Cool.15 °CWinnipeg *Wed 20:01Quite cool.6 °C
DhakaThu 07:01Low clouds. Warm.28 °CMontréal *Wed 21:01Sprinkles. Mostly cloudy. Chilly.3 °CYangonThu 07:31Partly sunny. Mild.24 °C
DohaThu 04:01Clear. Mild.24 °CMoscowThu 04:01Overcast. Quite cool.6 °CZagreb *Thu 03:01Clear. Cool.10 °C
DubaiThu 05:01Clear. Mild.23 °CMumbaiThu 06:31Haze. Warm.27 °CZürich *Thu 03:01Cool.10 °C
Dublin *Thu 02:01Partly cloudy. Quite cool.7 °CNairobiThu 04:01Partly cloudy. Mild.18 °C

* Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (66 places).

Wed = Wednesday, 3 April 2024 (52 places).
Thu = Thursday, 4 April 2024 (88 places).

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